How to play golf: A beginner’s guide?

For every game one wants to learn, what requires is the basic to be learned, understood and executed in the field. This exactly is what in case of golf, but to begin with, it often seems a bit complicated but with proper understanding, it gets easier and clearer for the one. To start up one needs to get acquainted with the rules and objects to involve in the game and to get familiar with the etiquettes of a game which makes it more enjoyable to play with anyone. Aforementioned are some step that will be helpful for the beginners to start the game of golf.

Know the objects of golf

In golf, the rule of an object involves the ball from a starting point which is called ‘’tee’’ as well towards the green and into the hole. The hole in the ground will be marked with the flag and the game demands one to get as few shots as possible to get the ball into the hole. The imperative thing to understand here is the fact that the hole isn’t just the physical hole but it entails the zone from the starting and what’s in between tee and the green and the physical hole itself. The standard golf club involves the maximum 18 holes and there also is the golf course consists of 9 holes for the beginners.

Follow by the order of holes

The variation in the game is about the course of holes which varies as per the way golf course is structured, the pattern of where the ‘’tee-off’’ is and where does it end with the physical hole varies usually, so it is always recommended to go by the course map and with the member having acquaintance of the map.

Avail your turn in sequence

The set sequence of having turn starts with the one having the best scores in the previous hole, then the next best and then the next one has the worst results. This way the confusion is avoided regarding who to have them turn in the hole course.

Don’t make the ball move by hand

When you are beginner, you might get your ball lands in an unexpected area, which you often would as a beginner. To go by the rules doesn’t allow one to have the ball moved by hand for appropriate aim towards the green, unless it is stuck into any man imposed obstruction or out of the bounds, where it gets necessary to move it for continuity of the game.

Make the score counted

Every hole of the course of allotted an appropriate number of strokes when the ball goes into the physical hole which is known as “Par”. With every hit, add it with 1 in a score. The range of Par is set from 3-5 and so are the holes are titled with ‘’Par-3’’, “Par-4” or “Par-5”

Secure a win with the lowest score

The one with the least score by “Par’’ of holes when a group reaches towards the last hole, is entitled to become the winner of the course. In the beginning, the overshooting may get the ball at “Par-5” or beyond. But it gets better with practice to maintain score lowest.